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Retail e-Pharmacy case study


The client needed to update their existing online portal to suit the latest trends & changing shopping behaviors of customers. Hence, they had to implement latest technologies & design methodologies not to lose the customer base to more attractive e-comm platforms in the market. Back-end architecture also needed an upgrade to cater to the dynamic requests for products coming in from various parts of the country through online access. Partner portal needed to be upgraded as well for client to retain their business posting sales utilizing client's online portal.


Advaithtech deployed its expertise by creating parallel teams of designers, analysts & developers to work closely with the client in developing a prototype that was showcased along with the benefits for now & future. The client was very pleased with the team's outcome and granted implementation. The platform was upgraded using latest Java technologies along with hosting it on EC2 with AWS as cloud. The team built a scalable database securing the future of the portal & integrated various sources of customer-communication. The client's savings was in the form of reused code which the team ensured to not rebuild from scratch.


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