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Do Managers make Employees quit jobs?

As the adage goes, employees don’t quit their jobs but their bosses may not be true any longer. Though the boss is good, empathetic, supportive and everything else, some employees will still quit their jobs. Let’s find out why.

Work design. This is a core principle that human beings thrive on. Have you ever seen someone conducting their own business? Did you ever observe such people quit? No. Why? Because they design their work in such a manner that keeps them coming back to work encouraged every day. This in turn helps them focus on their personal & professional growths and help them propel their career & business further.

Do we see that happening in our so-called corporate workplaces especially with managers managing their workforce? No. Why? Because we tend to create workplaces and fit people into their jobs.

That’s what loses us our great talent. We need to understand human potential and create work around it so that the hired will thrive and contribute to the business. Employees only stay back when their strengths are utilized, are allowed to get creative and are encouraged to gain the skills & expertise that would propel their careers.

If this is not the case, they will eventually ditch the company. And managers play a very important role in this cycle of staying & leaving. They need to encourage their teams to utilize their strengths, create an inclusive environment for contributing creatively & just simply LET THEM ENJOY THEIR WORK.

Craft enjoyment at work

Many employees have hidden passions that might be called hobbies later in life when those passions couldn’t be pursued. And these passions they do bring to their jobs and try to apply to work. Managers can play a major role here to design the work of their teams encouraging, inclusive and explorative to get their teams to apply the same passion.

Some managers will even go out of their way to help their teams transition to more enjoyable work if that’s what they’re good at regardless of their current contribution. And this is a sticker for sure. Once managers learn the ways to encourage their teams to apply their passion to work, they make a huge impact on that employee’s contribution to work.

Change managers need to get

Very often than not sadly, managers do not know enough what work their people on teams enjoy. They go with a tunnel vision of achieving what their boss wants and turn more inside selfishly than drive their team as a team to success. And that’s what makes talented people leave.

When we say managers it’s not just the people with this title. It could be anyone that is a CEO, CFO, CTO, Director, VP etc. anyone specifically managing a team or a company. Sad but that’s true.

Always remember – SMART MANAGERS create opportunities for their teams to utilize their strengths.

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