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Employee mental health at the workplace

For any company to have a healthy & engaging workforce, employees need to prioritize their well-being. That doesn’t mean employees are only provided with a better working atmosphere, but the benefits need to be prioritized as well.

The world is finally learning to understand the importance of mental health in the workplace and discussions about the same are serious than ever.

Importance of various programs for mental health

Across the globe, a survey has shown that 48% of managers are over-working since the beginning of the pandemic which forced companies to adopt work from home resulting in sleep deprivation and increased stress levels driving an addition to alcohol and declining mental health.

It is important to note that encouraging managers to have consistent dialogue with their team about their mental health removes the stigma of discussions around mental health at work. So, it’s equally important to keep those managers from giving away their mental health.

Only 20-30% of the companies according to Forrester have some sort of mental health programs but they are not enough to assess the “Silent Sufferers”. Silent Sufferers are the ones who need to be spoken with and identified to lend a helping hand. Opening up conversations and having assessment programs for understanding the mental health of every employee whether it’s work from home/office is a priority to ensure the employees feel inclusive and valued.

About 80% of the respondents to a Forrester research indicated their senior leadership’s talk on the importance of mental health but only 20-30% have said that the leaders made it a part of their strategy discussions. This is a very important step for the senior leadership to consider because employees with better mental health work better are more productive and directly/indirectly impact a company’s ROI.

Various ways to support mental health at the workplace

  • Use surveys to assess mental health. This approach builds an immediate interaction between the employees and the company and ensures that the company cares about this initiative

  • Make it a point to take stock of the survey and address the mental health of the employees by understanding their stress points. Examples such as commute to work or work from anywhere options, pay, long hours, more pressure due to various projects at hand all these or any need to be addressed and sorted to encourage better engagement from the employees

  • Encourage the employees to regularly take time off from work and connect with their loved ones, hobbies and what they want to do other than work.

  • With the current scenario shifting from office to work from home the conversations are becoming less, and people acquaintance is growing large gaps. To fix this, get on informal chats over a beer or something else and encourage participation. Try to find ways to relax the mental state of the employees

  • Keep checking for signs of depression on 1-1s and other meetings between managers and their team. This is a very important aspect of individual meetings to ensure employee satisfaction with work and longevity with the company. A depressed employee needs help and accepting a depressive state as one that needs help is serious

Resignations are an act of silent revenge from employees who haven’t been taken care of well by their leadership. How do leaders impact the mental health of a workplace? They need to put their actions where their words are. Many leaders are comfortable speaking because that’s the easy thing to do. When it comes to action, they shy away driving resentment into the minds of their employees.

THIS SHOULD STOP! And the employees’ mental health must be given top priority because at the end of the day they are the ones who make an organization what it is today.

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